Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

As organisations seek to acquire improved value for money from its external goods and services acquisition and provision, they are looking to experienced and innovative sourcing and procurement professionals and sound procurement processes to achieve reductions in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) whilst also achieving improved performance and delivery and managed risk.

Whether an organisation is undertaking reactive, tactical or strategic sourcing, Galent offers its clients highly skilled and experienced professionals, with proven records of success and achievement, in all facets of the procurement lifecycle.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Commonwealth Procurement Rules;
  • Requirements Specification & Definition;
  • Sourcing Strategy Development & Implementation;
  • Market Consultation & Capability Assessment;
  • Procurement Services, Management of the Procurement Process;
  • Procurement Document Development;
  • Tender & Financial Evaluation Services;
  • Complex Negotiation Services;
  • Transition In/Transition Out Planning and Management;
  • Vendor & Contract Management & Monitoring;
  • Performance Monitoring & Management, including Service Level Agreements Development & Monitoring; and
  • Post Implementation Reviews.

If you want to know more about our skills, capability and experience, including examples of our clients, please contact us for more information.

Probity Advisory & Auditing

Galent Management Consulting views the approach to provision of probity services as one of partnership and where our team works closely and collaboratively with the client.  We view the role of a Probity Adviser is to be one which assists the client to maintain the integrity of the process and proactively identify and manage potential issues before they become an actual probity issue.

The role of a probity adviser can vary from an integral part of the executive project team through to a post-hoc review of the documentation and processes.  We will provide the level of involvement reflective of our client’s requirements.  The services will necessarily involve the review of documentation and processes at relevant points and implies a continuing connection between the advisor and the client.  Inevitably this will demand flexibility as issues arise.

The role includes a perceptive recognition that the concept of probity (or process, in particular procedural fairness) is applicable to particular procurement decisions and any administrative decision.  Failure to apply procedural fairness could lead to judicial review of that decision.

Our approach facilitates the provision of professional and expert advice to deliver assurance that the procurement, evaluation and risk assessment process is open, defensible, robust, fair, transparent, capable of withstanding external scrutiny and proceeds on a sound and professional basis.

We provide assurance that the probity and ethical aspects of the process are covered and that probity issues are identified, investigated and resolved.  This approach involves scrutinising the process with emphasis on salient steps to ensure that the client is properly advised of all probity matters and that the process is conducted in a manner consistent with the Probity Plan.

If you want to know more about our skills, capability and experience, including examples of our clients, please contact us for more information.

Commercial & Vendor Management

Whilst organisations have focused on improving their procurement activities with an emphasis on negotiating the best outcome through final executed contract with their future service provider, many service provision arrangements do not deliver the target outcomes and benefits.  There are a range reasons why the target outcomes and benefits are not achieved, but often these can be traced back to the planning, implementation and delivery of the vendor and commercial arrangements and the linkages to the original procurement process.

Through Galent’s proven methodologies and experience in commercial and vendor management we enable clients to manage and control costs, drive service excellence and identify and mitigate risks to deliver target outcomes and benefits and increase value from their service provision arrangements.

There are a number of elements which are key to the successful delivery arising from the management of service provision arrangements:

  • Identification, assessment and management of risks;
  • Establishment, management and maintenance of relationships;
  • Management of resources;
  • Identification, specification and clearly defined responsibilities and accountabilities;
  • Ethical behaviour, and
  • Creation, maintenance and retention of records.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Contract & Commercial Management Plans & Supporting Documentation Development & Implementation;
  • Contract & Commercial Management Offices Development and Implementation;
  • Contract & Commercial Management Reviews;
  • Transition In/Transition Out Planning and Management;
  • Contract, Vendor & Commercial Performance Management & Monitoring;
  • Risk Planning including Identification, Assessment, Mitigation & Monitoring;
  • Contract & Commercial Management Training & Development; and
  • Post Implementation Reviews.

If you want to know more about our skills, capability and experience, including examples of our clients, please contact us for more information.