Our Core Client Values

Galent offers access to professionals who bring to every engagement an extensive expertise and experience with a proven record of successful achievement. We deliver a practical perspective to engagements. Our professional team possess backgrounds and experience spanning working with small community and business sector organisations to the Commonwealth, State and Territory Government sectors.

Every assignment undertaken by Galent is based on understanding and adding value to our client’s business. We achieve this through our ten core client service values:

01Project Approach

A project approach which integrates top down strategic direction with bottom up operational inputs.

02Functional expertise and knowledge of business

Bringing the requisite functional expertise and knowledge of business processes to bear on each client engagement.

03General management

Maintaining an overall general management perspective, even when specialist skills are being employed.

04Skills transfer

Skills transfer from the Galent team to the client.

05Cost effective solutions

Striving to produce practical and cost effective solutions which are implementable.

06Change management

Focusing on the change management considerations of each assignment.

07Developing tools and methodologies

Using and continuously developing tools and methodologies, not as packaged solutions, but as aids to meeting clients’ needs in the consulting process.

08Quality assurance

Strong project management to ensure coordinated delivery with quality assurance and client liaison and feedback.

09Timely and cost effective

Timely and cost effective service delivery which is of a quality consistent with professional standards and client needs and at a price that reflects the value, risks and costs involved.

10Practical business expertise

Access to a broad range of practical business expertise and experience.

Our value and key strengths include:

A broad range of relevant experience

A proven record of success and achievement

High level of senior level consultant involvement

Proven methodologies

A demonstrated record of delivery within agreed timeframes

Value for Money